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Originally Posted by caabrego
Well, believe it or not this is our squad (shirt's numbers of the players are in orange):

1- Molina (GK)(1)
2- Munúa (GK)(13)
3- Dani Mallo (GK)(25)
4- Romero (DEF)(3)
5 Capdevila (DEF)(15)
6- Pablo Amo (DEF)(20)
7- César (DEF)(5)
8- Andrade (DEF)(14)
9- Manuel Pablo (DEF)(2)
10- Héctor (DEF)(24)
11- Mauro Silva (MID)(6)
12- Duscher (MID)(23)
13- Sergio (MID)(8)
14- Valerón (MID)(21)
15- Fran (MID)(10)
16- Luque (MID)(19)
17- Victor (MID)(18)
18- Scaloni (MID)(12)
19- Munitis (MID)(17)
20- Pandiani (STRIKER)(7)
21- Tristán (STRIKER)(9)

Jesús, Acuña, Jaime, Changui and Abreu don't have numbers, this mean that they are out of the squad.

The question is...will we fulfill the list of 25 or will we stay with 21 men?

Curious fact is that numbers 4, 11, 16 and 22 weren't assigned

Duscher is wearing no.4 this season!!!So who wears no.23 this season?
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