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Tough start for Fabril with only 9pts in 8 games but still only a few points behind that 3rd spot to head to the promotion group. Like the first team, there's been a lack of goals in the attacking game with the Rayco and Manu leading the team with 2 goals.

From Juvenil A, very good sensations as they lead the group with 13 pts in 6 games and had a big win vs Celta. Players like Peke and Do Carmo (18) will probably make the jump to Fabril in a few months and Mario Najera (17) also has 3 goals in the season. In the back, Trilli, a former Spain YNT player, also looks the part and has been called up by FV to train already and can play at center back or wing back.

The younger Juvenil B group has barely played because of positives but has 9 pts from 3 games and my personal favorite player in the academy (Martin Ochoa) has 4 goals in 3 games. Players still interesting here are Seydiba, Canales as well as a few 15-year-olds that came from the San Tirso Cadete last year.
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