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It looks as if Vicente and Rolan (2M) will be gone by Monday.
Players under contract right now

GK: Abad, Lucho Garcia (U23)
RB: Boveda, Valin (U23)
CB: Mujaid (U23), Somma, Granero
LB: Salva Ruiz, Hector Hernandez
MID- Alex, Celso Borges, Gandoy (U23)
LW- Nacho Gonzalez, Galan
RW- Lara (U23), Keko (may be next to leave)
FW- Beauvue, Rui Costa, Adri??

Currently 19 players and still need to fill 1 more U23 position unless Adri Castro is registered as a 1st division only player (unlikely). I think Juan Rodriguez will start the year with Fabril as physically he still has a lot to work on and playing 90 minutes for Fabril who is also chasing promotion will be fine until we may need him for an injury.

We are obviously still thin in the midfield and will need another W if Keko decides to leave. I think Quique wants to come back but that may mean a year long loan for Mujaid in Eibar. I would be ok with Borja and Somma as CB as long as another CB is brought in. I wouldn't be surprised now with the 1st and 2nd divisions starting up and players not getting minutes that some players will want to leave their clubs on loan and Depor will be a good option.
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