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Some decent news this week with signing out starting keeper in Abad (Assuming Brea will be the backup and Alberto will start with Fabril).

Borja Granero who now gives cover if Somma/Mujaid leave and lets Juan play with Fabril if needed at the beginning of the season unless we play with a back 3 like many teams are starting to do in Europe.

Gandoy signs for 3 years. After playing on Fabril over the last few years it's finally time to give him first team minutes as hopefully the future of Depor. I can see him in a similar role to Edu Exposito/Mujaid where they start the season slowly and eventually end as one of our most important players.

Buauvue who instantly becomes the starting center forward and also gives less pressure to Adri Castro and can also get him a few games with Fabril.

Ideally a double promotion with Depor and Fabril would be incredible and I think it's possible if we can keep reinforcing the first team with other great additions. Althought it is a stressful and scary time for Depor, it is also an exciting time to be reborn and come back stronger than ever.
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