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How does the academy work in 20/21?

Similar to the professional level there is different categories with promotion/relegation. The top is Division de Honor, which is the best teams of Galicia. At the Juvenil level, the Division de Honor group also includes Asturias (Sporting, Racing Santander, and Real Oviedo). We also have a partnership with San Tirso who also plays in the Division de Honor. The younger players will go to San Tirso and play in the same league as the year above them. Here is an example of the a path a top player would follow.

RC Deportivo
Deportivo Fabril (Tercera)
Juvenil A U19( Division de Honor)-Took 3rd way behind Celta and Sporting)
Juvenil B U17 (Liga Nacional -2nd behind Celta)
Cadete A U16 (Division de Honor-1st and finished with 23 wins and 0 losses)
San Tirso Cadete U15 (Division de Honor-Finished 5th)
Infantil A U14 (Liga Gallega- Finished T-1st with Celta)
San Tirso Infantil U13 (Liga Gallega-Finished 15th)

Alevin U12, Benjamin U10, and Pre-Benjamin U8 all play in the local Coruņa leagues but because of the first team, they will play in big tournaments throughout Spain. The Alevin A group did very well in La Liga Promises tournament a few years ago against the biggest teams in Spain and one player was named Player of the Tournament (Dani Estevez) who should be with San Tirso Cadete this year.

Every step has a bigger "league" with teams expanding from just Coruņa to the North of Galicia to all of Galicia and eventually Galicia and Asturias at Juvenil A before entering the "professional" stage. The jump between Juvenil A and Fabril can sometimes be big which is why a few years ago when Fabril was in Segunda B (how the times have changed), Laracha became Depor C so players could play in Tercera before moving up to Fabril. An example of a player "not being ready" after Juvenil A is Adri Castro who was loaned to Ourense CF in Tercera and almost got them promoted. He will now, most likely, be with Depor's first team.

Most players leave between Cadete and Juvenil. Our Juvenil team struggled this year (partly because of the loss of 2-3 very good players and the inability to replace them) and can only offer a Division de Honor league. Other teams may offer wages, schooling paid for, and the newest thing which is the UEFA Youth League. We may be playing against Conxo Santiago on Saturday while a UEFA Youth League team could be playing PSG or Juventus. The biggest thing Fran will have to do is bridge the gap between a Cadete A team who did not lose and a Juvenil A team who was well behind the top of the league.
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