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Over the break with not a lot going on and Fran coming in to lead with the academy I got very interested in Depor's base. A few years ago, I had the chance to visit Abegondo for a week and see how things were done inside the club, specifically watching the Infantil B (13 years old). Now more than ever we need to really look at the younger categories to come up with talent and I'll be posting once a month on what is going on with the academy system and how it works.

While the first team is the most important thing this year, it is never too early to start thinking about the future and seeing what players are developing. Over the past few years we've had players like Angeliņo (City), Hugo Novoa (RB Leipizig), Alvaro (Madrid and now Man U), Sergio (Atletico) leave Abegondo for bigger clubs. I know Hugo Novoa left RB Leipzig left for 120.000 euros a year in wages, something not even out first team players will have now. Hopefully we'll be able to highlight some breakthrough players as well as players who are being recognized with the Spain youth teams and Galicia youth teams.
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