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Originally Posted by Tjorni
This is a total mess. So basically that Judge is against LaLiga i.e. Tebas and Fenlabrada (with Tebas's son and suspected conflict of interests). Tebas insists that all what he has done was right and Depor should go to Segunda B. And RFEF propose to resolve it peacefully - with league of 24 Depor and Numancia would probably abort their claims against Fuenla and LaLiga (of course this agreement wouldn't be official but still).

So I wonder what will happen if legal war continues and will take months? The competitions would be frozen until that point?
That's exactly why the RFEF proposed a league with 24 teams, because this will take years of allegations and demands and they aware of the consequences. It will surely end in CAS and it can take 2 or 3 years. The competiton will be frozen unless all the parties reach an agreement. The only ones that don't want to see reality is La Liga and Tebas.
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