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Preseason for Fabril starts tomorrow. Players expected to report are

GK: Pablo Brea

DEF: Íñigo Reinoso, Alejandro Boedo, David Suárez (procedente del Arenteiro), Álvaro Yuste, Iván Guerrero, Israel Pérez

MID: Álex Barba, Miguel Ángel Prendes, Víctor Guedes, Famoussa Kanouté, Álex Pérez, Aarón Sánchez, Jorge Sarmiento, Javier Sanmartín (Racing de Ferrol) Raúl Pescador (Getafe B)

FW: Yeremay Hernández 'Peke', Adri Castro, Juan Cambón (CD As Pontes) Javi Sánchez

Brais Val and Guillermo Bueno will start with Juvenil A. Seems that Pedro Martelo, former Portugal U20 striker, will not return. Now that Fran and Valeron are fully in control, I'd expect some moves over the next few weeks.
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