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although the author mentions the Calciopoli, where Juventus asked this referee for their own match to lead, and not that referee, from the style it seems he is very much surprised. what a naive guy?! who believes that RMCF last minute joke-penalty against Elche is an accident? who believes that Sevilla's laughable-laughable disallowed goal against Barca, Barca's 2 goals against Sevi were all just ref's mistakes? Who believes that biggest gun in Belgium, Anderlecht deserves yearly 20+ penalties? Who believes Ferencváros in Hun deserves 10+ penalties and 10+ red-cards per season in favour?
Most of the players and supporters know who are the biggest favourite of the local FAs, and can live with it more or less, although it is very hard sometimes.

What I don't like, when ATMA/Valencia/Arsenal/Lazio/Video... in Hun fans start crying, what kind of attrocities they suffered against the biggest guns, but have no problem on the other 25-30 matches per season, when they are the favoured team against the tinies.
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