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Originally Posted by deporik
The biggest example of a previous situation was that of 92 when we entrusted a centre back to take the most important penalty in our history, simply because others bottled it.
Well, I try to avoid anything badly understandable, but while Greg used to say, that the Dutch are not good in penalties, I consider those Ex-Jugoslavs (in several other sports as well), who are going there and at least try it to define things. Even if they are the last in the squad who should do it. And normally they succeed. Poor Depor with Djukic...

It would be strange if Spanish NT lost confidence in themselves. I rather hope, what happened was, that after a long season, they went to Brazil to play naked-poker with low-moral girls as a vacation , they played awful against Italy, but somehow managed to get the final after 120 mins of suffer, and at the second min, they were a goal down against Brazil in the Maracana. Un-motivated, tired, careless. The suffer was more and more during the match, and they just waited for the end of the torture. I hope this is what happened and that it won't effect too much the guys in the Spanish NT, but I can't be sure.
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