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Firstly, I would to thank Carlos for his dedicated work over the years on forum, but most importantly the main site which brings us all the latest news from the club.

With the emergence of social media platforms coinciding with the fortune of the club waning over the last 10 or so years, the forum has (1) been less and less active and (2) sadly this form of social media is becoming more redundant (*). With regard to our forum, it's not only ours that has suffered over the last few years, you can include's forum as well.

Technology will change in this day in age very quicker. Who knows if Facebook, Twitter will be with us in 10 years from now. Anybody remember MySpace (*).

So for now as people have suggested Facebook, Twitter and Reddit are probably the most obvious way to go. I'm open to debate over other options available to us in the coming weeks and months.

With regard, to GoDaddy and this is my personal view. They've neglected the site and haven't fixed the problems, that's been the main issue I haven't been here on a more regular basis. Looking at it from there angle, with a website containing more data in the forum which maybe old hat to support. Because of this they probably came to the decision not to fix the issues, forcing Leon's hand decision to cease funding the site.

A big thank you once again Carlos and the team you've contributed bring news about the club in an English format. I've met some great people through this site
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