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I want to turn this discution back to the evolution of our team.
What kind of players do we essentialy need for the start of the new season?

I have been talking about lack of offensive players, especially wingers and their continuity at Riazor for the last 3-5 seasons.
I still see that as a major issue. We finally have a few guys having contracts from the last season, playing resonably well and continuing:
-Andone - ST
-Colak - AM
-Fajr - AM/LW/RW
-Gama - LW/RW

The guys currently on loan:
-Joselu - ST
-Kakuta - LW
-John - LW
-Moreno - LW
-Gil - RW/AM

Joselu and Kakuta are gone, John and Moreno probably gone as well and Gil could be the only option to stay.

The guys returning from loan:
-Cartabia RW/AM
-Valle - LW/RW
-Riera - ST

OK, we can fight for Gil, Moreno and John to stay, but have they really showed that they deserve a Depor shirt. In my opinion only Gil showed glimpses, but Cartabia will be his direct rival for the RW position and he showed more in the second half of his loan.

We should focus on getting and really paying for a LW. (like we did for Andone).
We had 5 LW this year - Babel (great), Kakuta, John, Moreno and Gama (more or less unsuccesfull).

We need a quality, fast player always braking on the side, cutting inside, sending crosses and finishing. We have lots of playmakers, playmaker wingers, but no quality as a basic winger. We also need a striker to company Andone, and preferably a third option striker....our new winger would idealy also be able to play as a striker.

My plan in attack:
"Worldclass" LW - Colak - Cartabia

Colaks replacment is Fajr, "Worclass" LW replacment is Gama, Cartabia's replacment is Gil, maybe Valle if he proves himself, and Andone's replacment is a new (young and hungry) striker as Lucas probably isn't a real option.
Riera could stay as striker Nb 3 if nobody will take him off our sholders, otherwise a Fabril striker for striker Nb.3

In this case we would have continuity: 5 guys (Andone, Colak, Fajr, Gama, Gil or Valle), Cartabia is also close to this, + 2 quality newcomers.

That in my opinion would be as close to perfecion in offence as our money can buy.

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