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The first team played Fabril yesterday in a 60 min game and won 1-0. They came out in a 4-4-2 like this.....

Boveda, Granero, Somma, Salva
Keko, Alex B, Sanmartin, Galan
Adri Castro, Beauvue

Valin, Gandoy, Mujaid, and Juan Rodriguez also played in the "2nd Half:

Keep in mind that Celso, Lara and now Hector Hernandez still have not joined the first team. Also it seems that Vicente may go to Lugo. I know he has a high salary and it will give more opportunities for Gandoy so I am all for it. WIth Granero and Somma being played as a pair I would expect that Mujaid leaves to a 2nd Division team next week and another veteran is brought in as a 3rd CB with Juan Rodriguez starting the year with Fabril. We still need a 3rd Striker and I don't think there is anyone with the U19s/Fabril that could fill that role so expect another U23 signing or loan for that position.

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