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Originally Posted by Iztok
Carmelo said yesterday that we are covered and that new players will only come to replace the ones that will be transfered.

Especially in the offensive end this is weird, as after Rolan left only 6 man are left, but we still have 6 players for 2 CM spots. The idea to play a 4-4-2 and have two players for each position doesn't add up. From the 2 friendlies that we had Natxo always strarted with 3 CM and 3 offensive players. Are we going toward the Atletico style CM playing on the side idea?

The other option is a 3 man pivot + 3 offensive players that can play in a line, 1 behind 2, or 2 behind 1 in the attack. Looking at the profile that sounds much more logical. It seems that the only real striker is Santos, with Quiche as an universal forward, Valle also isn't a real striker, Fede more of a playmaker, also Pedro strikes me as a winger - so it is hard to imagine us always playing with 2 upfront.

from what I have read even Fede can be a CF in the eyes of our coach, so as borja valle and ofcourse Santos and Quieqe
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