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caabrego 05-01-2020 11:08

Jan-05-2020 | matchday 22 | 12h00 | Numancia - Depor | Minute-by-minute
Dani Barrio – Iván Calero, Derik Osede, Adrián Castellano, Héctor –Vidorreta, Gus Leds, Marc Mateu – Curro, Higinio Marin, Moha

Dani Giménez – Bóveda, Lampropoulos, Mujaid, Somma, Salva Ruiz – Nolaskoain, Álex Bergantiños - Borja Valle, Mollejo, Aketxe.

Bench: Koke Vegas, Lampropoulos, Luiz Ruiz, Saša Jovanovic, Borja Galán, Samuele Longo & Christian Santos


abdul001 05-01-2020 11:40

3 4 3 or 5 2 3

abdul001 05-01-2020 11:42

I hope we will start this 2020 with a win

Vatex 05-01-2020 12:48

wait. red card in the box area and no penalty????

deporik 05-01-2020 12:51


Originally Posted by Vatex
wait. red card in the box area and no penalty????

Mollejo was already adjudged to have committed the first foul so free kick Numancia but Gedes was sent off for the retaliation to the challenge.

deporik 05-01-2020 13:08

I'm hoping we replace Mollejo around the hour. He works hard but he's already on a yellow card and they'll be looking to get him sent off.

vlada 05-01-2020 13:12

Gol, gol, gol!!!

deporik 05-01-2020 13:13

Somma goallllllllllllllll

vlada 05-01-2020 13:15

Nice cross from corner, good header and after that it was easy to put the ball into net.. Vamoosssss!!

vlada 05-01-2020 13:38

We are the better team, we just need that second goal.. Hmm, Mollejo out, Luis Ruiz in? So, we are now playing with 2 full backs - but I assume that Salva Ruiz will go higher trying to be some kind of defensive winger, and L. Ruiz will go into the back line.. Very defensive strategy for last 10 minutes..

vlada 05-01-2020 13:51

0:1 FT! Nice job FV! :):)

Vatex 05-01-2020 13:52

NICE. thank you guys . 3 points!!

deporik 05-01-2020 13:52

Wasn't the greatest game to watch but we need the points and that's what we got. Si, se puede

D.TRISTAN 05-01-2020 13:55

The first away win in this season, right? Not the best game but we showed good defense.

abdul001 05-01-2020 13:57

el professor welcome back

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