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hari 27-06-2016 07:56

Deportivo B (Fabril) | Season 2016/2017
Jorge Carreon Negrete (born 1997) looks to be the first signing for Fabril.. he is a Bolivian coming from CF Damm and plays as a midfielder..

hari 28-06-2016 14:16

I am happy that this management seems to be taking the youth teams more seriously.. Cristobal have a much better CV compared to the previous managers.. also the team have a dedicated coach to train the young strikers..

Rack 29-06-2016 06:59

Agree. Let's hope we can remain at Primera to allow us to continue and increase the funding to the Academy. Otherwise these will be the first initiatives axed. Best of luck next year. We simply must get out of Tercera.

hari 21-08-2016 14:57

Fabril 5-1 Compostela.. Wonderful start to the season.. Oscar scored all the goals..

caabrego 21-08-2016 18:25

Xisco was the last one that scored five goals in one game (2005) :eek:

hari 22-08-2016 02:03

Yeah, I do remember :)

depooor 22-08-2016 03:25

Hope this is not just a one game thing, thus Fabril needs to get promoted otherwise there is no use of fabril for the first team

Iztok 22-08-2016 09:46

Nice work Fabril, wow Oscar.

DeporDK 22-08-2016 11:39

Great start! I think it would have been preferred to loan Oscar to segunda B, but hopefull he will important for fabril leading to a promotion, we need to have fabril playing in segunda B

walex 22-08-2016 13:24

good of you guys oscar keep doing

caabrego 22-08-2016 13:24

The goals:

hari 23-08-2016 14:47

Thanks Carlos. Do you know who is Victor Eimil? He is called up for tonight's friendly against SD Compostela..

depooor 12-10-2016 09:37

this Fabril is not good !!

the coach is not doing a great job

hari 12-10-2016 10:16

just curious to know, how do you come to the conclusion that the sole responsible for a team's performance is always the coach? Fabril had a lot of changes in the team this season plus injuries to some important players as well..

caabrego 12-10-2016 18:10

And we signed a new player: Manu Molina
Desperate measures

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