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caabrego 24-09-2009 23:22

ex-Player topic: Juan Dominguez (born 1990, Playmaker/Midfielder)

Name: Juan Manuel Dominguez Lamas
Birthdate: 08/Jan/1990
Birthplace: Pontedeume (A Coru?±a)
Height: 181cm
Weight: 71kg
Position: Midfielder/playmaker
Transfer: Zero-cost
Career: Deportivo B (2008-now), Deportivo Juvenil A (2006/2008), Deportivo Cadetes (2004/2006)

Two goals so far with Fabril, and surely will have a chance with the first team on this season.

Feliuk 25-09-2009 13:36

This guy really inpressed me when I saw him in The TH.
He will definitely be a future Depor player

The DK Blanquiazul 25-09-2009 20:34

Ah, some wasted creation of threads here in this section on the forum, but I believe this guy could be the answer to our problems in midfield. He is more like a Valerón, mediapunta type, rather than a holding type, but if he gets some fighting abilities in there as well, he would fit very well next to Juca I think, and that could furthermore open up for an Adrián-Lassad-combo, or whatever that might include two strikers.
Either way, if the problems are not solved, he will definitely get his chances sooner or later. And I think it will be sooner.

Depor_Vin 26-09-2009 11:27

From what I ve seen, he reminds me a bit of Valeron with his style of movement. I look forward to hopefully seeing more of him this season with the first team.

hari 28-09-2009 05:23

guys from says from the Fabril matches that he is miles ahead of other players in terms of quality..

Rack 28-09-2009 15:05

He is my bet for the present, not the future. He's tall, strong and comfortable on the ball. As the season develops and the inevitable injuries crop up, I expect him to be called into the first team squad. I'm not overstating it, he's THAT good.

Feliuk 29-09-2009 08:44

Well I will say that he is Better if not much better than A.Tomas.
I would imagine we haven't made him a 1st team player due to already having 25 squad players? and the fact we would have to offer him a pro contract with more wages, etc?

My wish for next season is for him and Alex to be in our 1st team squad.

Fabian 29-09-2009 09:50

I think the idea is that he'll alternate between Fabril and the first team, as we only have 23 players in the squad (though it was 24 when we handed our team sheet in), and if he exceeds the number of games that would warrant a proffesional contract - he'll get it.

The DK Blanquiazul 17-03-2010 19:31

This guy has really got ambition, his optimism in his general being and comments are quite astonishing.

“I, in a personal sense, prefer to go game by game. But we must seize the chances of the Champions League, we are only two points away!”
It was also him who picked up the ball after scoring in the Copa against Sevilla.

Not saying the other players in the squad haven't got ambition, at all, but whether it's a sign of maturity (or lack of), I really like where he's going.

Mortenlj 17-03-2010 21:49


Originally Posted by The DK Blanquiazul
Not saying the other players in the squad haven't got ambition, at all, but whether it's a sign of maturity (or lack of), I really like where he's going.

Well put, I couldn't agree more :D

Lebn8r 18-03-2010 11:08

I'm sticking my neck out here but he could be a potential captain at a very young age considering the likes of Valeron and Manuel Pablo not having much legs left. I know, this will go against the clubs policy of the most experienced squad members being the captain but I think he on current work ethic, ambition, drive and determination for the love is a good example of how the Fabril players of the future must aspire towards knowing he too came from the same format.

monkeypuncher 18-03-2010 17:14

Love this kid. And I agree, he's definitely future Captaincy material. Seeing as how he's Galician and came up through the youth system of the club. He's definitely quite senior for his young age.
Not sure If I would be happier with him being loaned out next season to maximize his time on the pitch, or keeping him with Depor.
Either way, this kid needs to play consistently and at the highest level possible if we want him as part of the future of Deportivo.

peterke2000 18-03-2010 22:44

he did very whel in the goal we score against sevilla keeping i think 2 ore 3 players off the bal and then passed to valeron

walex 20-03-2010 11:11

i will be good player but train to score goal

ggeorg 20-03-2010 14:50

Isn't there a specific amount of participations to the 1st team, that will make the club giving him a contract for the first squad?

He has played 11 games so far

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