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Feliuk 02-08-2014 18:01

England | Premier League, Championship, FA Cup..| 2014/2015
New season starting soon.
I shall be mostly writing about Watford and the championship as the EPL is rubbish ;)

Watford start the season next week, I shall miss that as I will be on holiday watching Depor :)

Today we played a friendly v our sister club Udinese we drew 2-2 not a bad game.

New players.
Vydra has returned after 1 year with WBA in the EPL
Ighalo from Granada
Gomes from Tottenham
Andrews from Bolton
Tozser from Parma (he spent 6 months with us last season)
Paredes from Barcelona - Ecuador
Tamas from WBA

DepHun 03-08-2014 10:43

Parma once again... contracted TőzsÚr, just to loan out immediately without a single official match...

deporiginal 04-08-2014 20:32


Originally Posted by DepHun
Parma once again... contracted TőzsÚr, just to loan out immediately without a single official match...

For a two-year loan deal, with an option for a third, if my information is correct...

Why would you sign a player just to loan him out for 3 years?

Iztok 05-08-2014 09:00

If anybody understand what Parma is doing with 100+ players under contract is a genius.

Our ND Gorica, the cup winners with 90% loanies from Parma got to play in the 2nd round of the Europa league qualification. Parma got what it requested - Gorica playing in Europe, also finishing 4th in the league.

But at the end of last season 90% of the Parma loanies (best players ofcourse) were pulled back to Parma so Gorica had only a few players, signed a few cheap players, brought in players from accedamy (17-19 year old without any experience and of doubtful quality). A lot of players were also brought back from loan in 3rd slovenian league (not even Tercera quality) to play in Europe.

Result: Gorica lost to Molde 2-5 aggregate, acctualy not a bad result under the circumstances. And after games in Europe Parma started sending players to Gorica? Acctualy it was commented that the majority of the players chose to go back to Parma to wait for a better chance somewhere else, Seria B at best, but also Seria C1 and C2. What the hell? They have a chance to play in Europe and show their skills to the world, but they chose to go to Italy and wait if a Serie C2 (fourth italian league) teams would want them?

Also to note that Nova Gorica is a city that is on the italian border, a new city that was constructed after WW2, becouse Gorica/Gorizia was anexed to Italy. In Nova Gorica everybody speaks italian and the culture is mixed slovene/italian so the players would feel as at home.

DepHun 06-08-2014 18:11

To Greg: TőzsÚr is a good friend of Curtois from their time at Genk. Curtois was even robbed out in Budapest, when visiting TőzsÚr. :D How many times have I written this story in? ;)

To Iztok: it is not just Parma, but Udinese (Granada, Watford) and Genoa as well. On the other hand, Rok Kronaveter, Volas or Mihelic rather play in Hun than at home. What is the difference? :D

istike 07-08-2014 09:22


Originally Posted by DepHun
On the other hand, Rok Kronaveter, Volas or Mihelic rather play in Hun than at home. What is the difference? :D

Well, they are stupid enough to do so...:)

Rack 07-08-2014 09:37

Bojan has scored 3 goals in his first two friendly games with Stoke.

Iztok 07-08-2014 10:16

@istike and dephun

Your league is still better then ours, we have only Maribor, all the rest would like to be professional clubs, but are not. Low wages, that are always late, teams bankrupt as a normal standard, low attendance, little scouting activity, they stay if they have no alternative. One of the better options is to sign for a team in 5th Austrian league, where they get payed regulary, the wage is better. There are many cases of players from 1.SNL doing that.

Feliuk 10-08-2014 11:18

TőzsÚr is a great player, no idea why he isn't playing in a better league, still happy that he is at Watford :)

Good 3-0 win V Bolton to start the season with both strikers scoring and the fans favourite Forestieri coming of the bench to score too.

DepHun 27-08-2014 08:06

where is Chris? :)
brilliant start from LvG.:D

Chris 02-09-2014 13:49


You last visited: 14-06-2014 at 15:45

I guess I've been busy!

A brilliant start from van Gaal, true. But that's just it, isn't it? A start. I absolutely detest the media, and I will never be swept up in their hysteria whenever things don't go according to plan, certainly not when it's barely begun. What do they even know? It's depressing knowing that they get paid to write their nonsense.

Despite the belief of many United fans, we've never been entitled to success. It's time to dig deep with Di Maria and Falcao and work towards getting that title back :)

Rack 02-09-2014 13:56

And now Man Utd sit proudly on top of the money spent table! ;) :D

Falcao is an astonishing signing. If they can get Di Maria, Rooney, Mata & Falcao working, then they'll strike fear into any defence. Speaking of which, you still have some work to do there.

Chris 02-09-2014 14:10

We had to spend sooner or later. I won't get into that boring debate about United having supposedly spent like City and Chelsea down the years (we haven't). What I will say is, we need to accept that United are moving on. The post-Ferguson team clearly needed an overhaul and it wasn't going to happen on the cheap.

Our defence will be shored up by the signings of Rojo and Blind, with the latter's midfield capabilities surely having been on van Gaal's mind when signing him. Whilst still something of a problem, I don't believe that the quality of the players is quite as bad as it's being made out to be. For me, we're currently lacking a leader there, so hopefully somebody can come in and assert themselves on the team.

Rack 13-09-2014 21:38

Poor performance from Liverpool today.
It took 10 minutes for Balotelli to get his first touch! :eek: He's a waste of space and doesn't fit into our style of play (from last season).
Villa now have 2 wins and 2 draws in their last 4 visits to Anfield. Glad to see the back of them for a while.

Chelsea look unstoppable. Costa is gorging himself of great service from his teammates and shocking defending from poor defenders. 7 goals now in 4 games. Really fancy them for the EPL-CL double this season.

Ricardo 24-09-2014 10:10

Arsenal already out of the League Cup, losing 1-2 to Southampton.

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