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caabrego 09-03-2020 22:13

Jun-14-2020 | matchday 32 | 17h00 | Depor - Sporting | Pre-match thread
The injuries of Bóveda and Sabin Merino were confirmed today. Both and suspended Mollejo are out of the game. :(

abdul001 10-03-2020 07:58

keko gotain, mujahid ,Montero salva ruiz
Hugo V. Peru,gaku,aketxe

Deporlover 10-03-2020 12:41

the game will be played with closed doors!!!!

ggeorg 10-03-2020 15:17

the seats must be excited...

Vatex 10-03-2020 15:53


Originally Posted by Deporlover
the game will be played with closed doors!!!!

its very bad for us.

it will be broadcast yes?

Deporlover 11-03-2020 12:14


Originally Posted by Vatex
its very bad for us.

it will be broadcast yes?

but I hope the game will be delayed

ggeorg 12-03-2020 11:14

I think it won't be delayed but cancelled, as the rest of the season.

Damn we're below the relegation zone :mistake::D

Filip 12-03-2020 12:03


Originally Posted by ggeorg

Damn we're below the relegation zone :mistake::D

How so? We are 4th last. How many go down? 4??? :eek:

caabrego 12-03-2020 12:18

It's official: La Liga has postponed the next 2 matchdays. Real Madrid in quarentine after a Basketball player of them was positive with the virus.

La Liga will decide later what to do with the tournament.

ggeorg 12-03-2020 12:26

That was common sense. As it seems it would be impossible for any football to be played the next 1-2months (or obviously even more) so no way there could be enough dates to finish the tournaments.

Either the tournaments are finishing right now, or maybe there could be some kind of play-offs, within a 1-2 weeks period.

DepHun 12-03-2020 12:30


Originally Posted by ggeorg
Damn we're below the relegation zone :mistake::D

we are like twins :) so which teams are we gonna play with in segunda b in a virus-free possible future (if ever)?

Mr Pink 12-03-2020 17:10

If this virus worsens in the next couple of weeks, (which it surely will), then the logical thing to do would be to make the season 19/20 null and void across the whole of Europe.

For me, the leagues will have to revert to the final standings of the 18/19 season and just start from there next season. Yes, it would be harsh on the teams in winning/promotion positions. However, You can’t promote/relegate teams with so many games still to be played this season.

My concern though, is this virus might get so bad that next season is a write off as well!

Mr Pink 12-03-2020 17:11

... let’s not forget it’s only sport. The health and well-being of the people is the most important thing.

Filip 12-03-2020 23:34

i'm very much against the idea of any competition in any sports getting void for this season; it's unfair for the players/clubs histories. A small example: you're taking away a cyclists chance to win 5 TDF's. Unforgivable for such person who dedicates his life for this goal. Or take away a tenjis player's chance to get the most GS's in history.
Of course the health is priority, but being fairly close to the end of the season, and with all money and possibilities being involved, you can easily finish the season without public.
And the mass needs the plays as well. Can't imagine sitting 3 years at home and not even being able to follow any competition, that's revolt!
On the other side, I'm ok if they cancel the Euro's and the OG, they're pretty meaningless anyway (no smiley!). Records can be broken on any day, not just on the OG.

ggeorg 13-03-2020 09:33

I'm not really into other sports except football. But for football i 100% agree with Mr Pink. The season should be cancelled. There's no way we can assume in early March who could be the champion or who gets relegated at the end of the season.

If they decide to finish the season with some kind of a trick (as a two-weeks play off or whatever) the tournament will lose it's validity.

it will be sth like in Serie A, that Inter or Juve have a different amount of championships according tho their fans vs according to the others (as a result of championships being decided in the court).

No need to mention, obviously, that sports and everything come second to health issues, but we're here to discuss about football and not getting mad with the situation :D

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