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ggeorg 17-01-2020 09:25

He has already as many wins as the two previous coaches in total

Shelvin 29-01-2020 00:05

From being 9 points away from safety to being 9 points away from a promotion spot:

I still think its too early to write these sort of articles calling Fernando a genius but still worth a read.

DepHun 29-01-2020 10:16

DepHun 04-02-2020 09:02

ggeorg 04-02-2020 10:26

He is everywhere these days :cool:

Marci 14 22-07-2020 16:35

After his second appointment I had doubts that he is the right choice for us, but now I'm really happy that Vidal is keen to continue with him on board.
It is a pity he failed at the finish line, this shouldn't have happened like this way. But that is it... I hope he can quickly adopt to the new league and will leads us back immediatley to Segunda (Primera is not a possible option for the upcoming 2-3 seasons imo).

D.TRISTAN 22-07-2020 16:54

The ending is not what we wanted but FV did a good job again. The demotion is not fault of FV.

We got 33 points in 20 games with FV. Tenerife is the best team in second period of this season with 36 points. Hope FV continues next season and save us from 3rd division.

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