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ggeorg 04-07-2017 12:45

Yeah, right it was exactly what i was remembering...that link about the Spain's team of unemployed players when Doblas mentioned that a player can't make a living at segunda B, where a 1500e per month is considered to be a very good salary.

so, no 5k per month

hari 05-07-2017 12:47

Luismi Redondo (19), a striker looks to be the next signing for Fabril.. He was a Spanish U-17 international..

caabrego 10-07-2017 02:44

Yes, each club at Segunda B and Tercera need to at least have 6 professionals.
Also, you can inscribe 22 players, only 16 of them can be 23 or elder.

hari 10-07-2017 18:36

Alberto Sánchez (16, GK) who was signed from UP Plasencia will join Fabril for the pre-season.. I think he is a Spanish Under-16 international and was followed by Atletico Madrid, RB Leipzig, etc.. their preseason is starting tomorrow..

Diligent 21-07-2017 20:00

The Segunda B groups and calendar will be confirmed on Wednesday 26th July (11:30 CET)

DepHun 25-07-2017 10:12

Marca played a game with home-grown boys. well we are quite horrible:

hari 21-08-2017 09:56

yesterday Fabril won 1-2 against Fuenlabrada away courtesy of goals from Uxio and Pinchi.. Fuenlabrada played the Segunda playoffs in the last season which makes this an excellent start for Fabril..

watch the finish from Oscar Garcia..

Hori 21-08-2017 10:35

Pinchi is promising, hopefully he will have a great season with Fabril. I would love to see him at the first team. It's funny that he is still a month older than Bicho :).

hari 21-08-2017 17:53

Pinchi is full of confidence, which is clear from that fantastic finish.. the preseason with the first team looks to have inspired him..

caabrego 03-09-2017 12:22

In 6 hours Racing Ferrol v Fabril, there will be a live stream
I will put the link before the kick-off.

caabrego 03-09-2017 17:56

Álex Cobo - Blas, One, Raúl González, Caballo – Edu Expósito, Carlos López – Óscar, Martín Bengoa, Borja Galán – Uxío.

Bench: Francis, Fornos, Lucas Viña, Gaizka, Queijeiro, Bicho & Romay


hari 03-09-2017 18:02

thanks Carlos :)

ggeorg 03-09-2017 18:13

too bad, we started well, but conceded a soft goal...That One seems out of space

hari 03-09-2017 18:31

Borja Galan and Oscar are very active..

hari 03-09-2017 19:11

Lucas is on the stands..

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