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Blue_Nation 15-04-2018 15:44

I wouldn't blame Munúa for the age of the players, it's been happening for a few years, since Cristóbal arrived to Fabril, as a plan of the club to establish the team in Segunda B (Fernando Vidal, now gone, was the person in charge of Fabril and who built this team).

There was a time when our youngsters played from Infantil to Cadete, Juvenil, Fabril, but then they had almost impossible the jump to the 1st team. Sometimes I think that nowadays our youngsters play from Infantil to Juvenil and then they have very difficult the jump to Fabril.

hari 15-04-2018 16:46

But Parralo looked to be more trusting on youngsters than Munua.. i am not assessing Munua, since he had to deal with a lot of injuries to Oscar, Ismael, One, Luis, Bicho, Luismi, Carlos Lopez, etc

hari 16-04-2018 19:23

Our little superstar GK cost a goal yesterday against At. Madrid B.. he spilled a simple straightforward catch and presented it to the opponent.. he has been making these type of mistakes pretty regularly and that's why I don't believe in having him as the starting GK next season, Primera or Segunda.. i don't buy that "everybody makes mistakes, and he is no worse than others" opinion.. the lack of a decent GK has costed us 2-3 seasons now, i believe we should make a decent investment to get someone steady like how Newcastle found Dubravka..

ggeorg 21-04-2018 10:50

today is the day :cool:

caabrego 21-04-2018 16:52

Derby live

ggeorg 21-04-2018 16:54


Originally Posted by caabrego


ggeorg 21-04-2018 17:25

omg Francis :rolleyes:

ggeorg 21-04-2018 18:09

pffff...another one Francis should have saved

Diligent 21-04-2018 19:13

What a weekend :(

caabrego 29-04-2018 17:19

Rapido de Bouzas v Fabril live

hari 29-04-2018 19:15

Francis makes a lot of mistakes position-wise, but his reflexes are good, like Ruben.. the counter-attack for the second goal was fantastic..

Marci 14 29-04-2018 19:27

Good result for Fabril. They tend to make us joy.

Marko 29-04-2018 22:25

So, If Fabril pass the elimination rounds thay can't qualify for Segunda, because our first team will play there?

caabrego 29-04-2018 22:30

Fabril will play the playoff. Because there could be relegation at Primera for administration -it won't happen- and the federation needs to wait until June 30

heidern 30-04-2018 12:15

I still would love them to win it on the field so that the fabril players would be taken even more seriously

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