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Rack 22-07-2014 09:30

Youth Categories l 2014/15
Is this guy coming for the Juvenil's or Fabril?
Any more news on him? Carlos? Walex?

hari 22-07-2014 09:46

this is a continuation to this:
seems like there is some on this..

caabrego 22-07-2014 15:06

First time I know of this
Nice to have a Nigerian at Fabril

walex 22-07-2014 19:36

I don't just know Chigozie Obasi I know him in person and I watch so much game of him is a champion very good player and I can bet on him is gonna end up at the first team

caabrego 22-07-2014 21:56

Is he related to Chinedu Obasi?

hari 22-07-2014 22:34

thanks Walex..

hari 25-07-2014 16:52

Carlos, do you know if the Nigerian did join us?
Also, where are the Leira brothers and Julio Delgado are? I cannot find anything clearly from the net..

DepHun 25-07-2014 17:40

caabrego 25-07-2014 19:57

The Nigerian joined the club, but dont know if him or any of the players on trial are going to be accepted. Today Fabril was playing the first friendly, waiting to see the lineup.

About the Leira's brothers, they were at Villarreal and is commented that we and Celta are now battling to get the oldest brother, Alberto

hari 25-07-2014 20:59

thanks Carlos as always.. what happend to Julio Delgado?

caabrego 25-07-2014 22:08

He joined Celta last season. He was playing with Juvenil A

caabrego 26-07-2014 14:16

The lads on trial at Fabril remain there. But Obasi wasn't there.

hari 26-07-2014 15:32

ok.. that means that we are yet to sign any of them, right?

caabrego 26-07-2014 15:57

Maybe. It's normal to have players on trial and watch them in the friendly games. But we barely signed somebody in the past under these conditions.
The last one was Lassad

hari 26-07-2014 17:14

yeah, I remember him.. :)

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