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Marci 14 01-07-2019 18:12

Any chance to see some lads promoted from Fabril? There are talented players like Montiel, Victor Garcia or Mujaid just to mention some names.

hari 02-07-2019 17:27

Montiel went back to Rayo from where he was on loan, Mujaid didn't play much last season due to disciplinary problems and Victor didn't shine throughout the campaign.. I don't expect anyone to be promoted..

caabrego 02-07-2019 21:50

Montiel and Mujaid are staying at Fabril
Actually they are the only two players that continue from last season
A lot will be promoted from Juvenil A and Laracha

american123 08-07-2019 08:25

Fran has come out with an interesting interview similar to his brother's comments a few years ago and I think they are 100% right. Abegondo has 0 direction and there is no structure in the way the academy is developed. A few years back Fran realized this and took his son to Barcelona to La Masia just like Angelino left to Man City and now Hugo to Red Bull. If there is anything that Zas must do it is to hire an actual Academy Director with a vision from top to bottom. We were ahead of the game with great facilities and we have not produced a single player. Players from our academy have left to other places and developed well so it is clearly our system that after 10+ years we have not produced a single first team player.

D.TRISTAN 09-07-2019 10:28

Rochela, Carril were wasted.
Alex could have left but he waited for a chance for a long time.
Dani Rodriguez, Rober, Jason didn’t gave chance though they have improved as decent Segunda or Primera players.

I think we have a better than average youth facility but the problem is that the board, coaches has preferred players from outside. I hope new presi change this situation.

american123 27-08-2019 12:13

I understand that argument but when is the last time we developed a really creative player from the academy? The club needs to look back and see what is going right and what is going wrong. Just a guess, they are focusing too much on slow possession which is why most of the promising players are Defenders or Defensive Midfielders. Montiel was the most creative player last year at Fabril and came from Rayo. We need to change the focus and create players in the 7,9,10, and 11 spots which you can then convert to outside backs (our weakest positions). Abegondo was created using the CL money in 03 and we haven't used it to our advantage at all after getting a head start on many of the mid table teams. I am hoping that Mujaid, Gandoy, and Valin get their opportunities this year but there is still no attacking players that can change a game and season. We've seen in Segunda how important young pace and creativity is and we haven't gotten the hint in the development or in signings.

american123 28-01-2020 12:47

Having an up and down season but still in 5th place and only 2 points from the playoffs. Mujaid moving to the 1st team hurt them for a few games but youngster Juan has stepped in admirably. Tough loss this weekend to a good Ourense team.

I thought the season would be a little bit easier but I am glad that these young players will be tested in order to get into the playoffs. Players like Valin, Gandoy, and even Juan should be given first team looks next preseason and I've also been impressed by Mario Losada (22) who is on pace to score 10+ goals.

Hoping for the best and hopefully a 2B playoff in just a few months.

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