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caabrego 20-10-2019 17:31

LIGA | Oct-20-2019 | matchday 12 | 16h00 | Depor 0 - Málaga 2 | Post-match thread
Wow. This team is worse each day :crying:

ggeorg 20-10-2019 17:46

Tino or whoever and the rest of muppet show, out!!

Mr Pink 20-10-2019 18:03

At this rate we will have less points than Reus at the end of the season and they were thrown out of the league in December last year!!!

tonideportivoBG 20-10-2019 19:45

No comment.

Vatex 20-10-2019 19:50

whats wrong with this team? anyone knows?

I dont know what to say :(

DepHun 20-10-2019 20:41


Originally Posted by Vatex
whats wrong with this team? anyone knows?

we hired Carmelo del Pozo

vlada 20-10-2019 22:23

Board of directors - **** off!! Sporting director - **** off!! We want our Depor back!! P.S. Let's watch Fabril this season..

nitraM 21-10-2019 00:51

The womans team is still doing great!

ggeorg 21-10-2019 09:59

Malaga fired their sporting director. They believe being inside relegation zone in segunda and getting a poor 0-2 at Riazor is a shame

deporenrique 21-10-2019 22:16

I haven't posted in a little while, but I have been watching every game (even been to the stadium to watch them Vs Cadiz), but here we go:

1-Dani saved our ass a few times yesterday. That's only his second big mistake since he joined us last year
2- The whole defence was a disaster
3- Hell the whole TEAM was a disaster
4- We need to play a 4-4-2, and her my starting 11:


If things aren't working in midfield, he can push with Vicente. If they aren't in attack, he would have Longo. Mollejo can replace any of the wingers.

If only the coach can read this freaking post!

Ricardo 22-10-2019 13:27

I think we either need to play 5 at the back:

Valin - Peru - Lampro - Montero or Mujaid - Salva

Or back to the system that Natxo used with 3 in the middle:

Alex - Vicente or Gaku - Gandoy

Our first priority must be to stop the goals conceded.

I also think we need to give chances to the Fabril players as well as Beto. Because the players above have played week in, week out and are not giving us victories.

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