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Crocodile_Dundee 05-10-2009 20:03


Originally Posted by Martin
I am not alone in Santander;) There is a young jedi coming. He has yet to post in this thread;)

I suppose thats me:D

I also fancy the Real Madrid game and possibly a trip later on in the season too.

ggeorg 05-10-2009 22:44


Originally Posted by Martin
George. Great however I would remove the highly posible as these may not been confirmed. When they get confirmed then add the names.


Still, it would be nice to continue discussing on every possibility, because 2-3 members considering the same game, is a motivation more to confirm this as well.

Martin 05-10-2009 23:20

Yes we could keep discussing it and once sorted then add the trip.


Originally Posted by Crocodile_Dundee
I suppose thats me

It sure is my young apprentice:D Lets hope there is no nutter at 2am spolling our evening with the ladies;)

Rack 06-10-2009 13:01

Martin, can you add my name to the away fixtures against Osasuna and Bilbao - I've organised a three week holiday in northern Spain / southern France to coincide with those two games! Yippee! :D

Martin 06-10-2009 22:43

We may see you at one of those matches and most likely Bilbao. Will be able to confirm in the coming weeks.

deporkenya 07-10-2009 14:42

Hello everyone, I am looking at Santander away, and maybe Gijon away. Am struggling to find convenient flights from the UK at the moment though. Might be easier to go to the Getafe game.

Anyone here done the Santander game traveling from the UK? What is the best way to do it?


deporik 07-10-2009 15:05

If you can afford the time off, you can go to Santander for 35 return. Leaving Stansted at 16.50 and arriving in Santander at 19.45. Coming back, you leave Santander at 20.10 and arrive back at Stansted at 21:00.

The biggest problem could be getting tickets but Martin would be the best one to advise you on that.

Martin 07-10-2009 18:40

Some of us do Santander regularly, for me this is my 7th or there abouts.

Deporkenya Rik is correct with the times but this year poses a problem. There are no flights on the Saturday and you have to fly from Stansted on the Friday and return on the Monday. Not a problem just need the extra night for the hotel. 35 is a fantastic price as it has no taxes or check in fees which is rareish from Ryan Air.

This year both me and Croc are going but we are flying to Asturias on the Saturday and hiring a car. Not a problem as the cab from Santander airport to the town is app 25 euros one way. So this price goes to the car and gives us a little flexibility for the weekend.

Any help on Santander just drop me a line. forgot tickets can be a issue but I have never failed to attend the game.

At Getafe there is Rik, Me and Diligent. Flights are plentiful and Madrid underground is easy.

Gijon may be a problem for you. Last year and if my memory serves me right app 3000 away support went and I belive you had to travel from Coruna. Tickets may be a issue.

deporkenya 08-10-2009 12:10

Thanks for your help guys. Getafe is a midweek game? In which case I would struggle to get time off, it would probably be easier to get friday and monday off for the Santander game. Do you always stay at the same hotel Martin?

Martin 08-10-2009 17:17

I sure do as I stay with the team, but there as loads of hotels in the town.

I take it your talking about the Getafe home match as the away is at the weekend.

Diligent 08-10-2009 19:40

For me, I tend to book the weekend off as holiday, then fly out first thing Saturday morning and come back on the Monday as this is my day off work.

Santander is more tricky now with flights as Martin has stated. He and Crocodile Dundee are flying into Oviedo, and you only have to look at a map to see the mileage involved for car hire. I did fly into Bilbao with Martin for the a Santander match a few seasons back. Then got the coach along the coast (2 hours) to Santander. Flight times to Bilbao are now different, which now requires a minimum 3 night stay I believe.

The trip to Getafe is an ideal match. The stadium is about 20-30 minutes from the centre of Madrid using the local train (cercanais) in conjucntion with the metro.

Deporkenya, I believe you were logged in under a simular username a while back. Welcome (again) :)

Feliuk 08-10-2009 23:17

Gijon is also a midweek game so there will not be 3000 tickets should be ok

LondonDeporHincha 10-11-2009 20:41

I might go to the santander game and quite a lot of home games as im spending the next 8 months there skipping between london and a coruna

Martin 10-11-2009 22:06

The home or away Santander match?

Croc and I are at the away one.

deporik 10-11-2009 22:10

I'm confirmed for the Espanol away game now. What a lucky co-incidence that on the valentines weekend that I decide to take my wife away for a romantic weekend, Depor are in town :D

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