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Mr Pink 28-12-2019 10:44

Ex-Depor coach: Luis Ángel César Sampedro
I think I wrote that he had a three-month life span when he was appointed. He lasted three and a half months and leaves with the worst manager record in Depors history:

7 points in 11 official games and a huge win against CF Illueca in the Copa.

At least he will forever be a part of our History.

He will now have time to work on his tactics website and write a new book with the money donated to him by us!!!


ggeorg 28-12-2019 14:06

I kinda feel for him. The fact that he is a Galician means that he will be associated/remembered for this job in his everyday life (family, neighborhood, etc). It's not that he will move now in Mexico and everyone forgets these 3 months.

At least he saved part of his reputation in the last two games.

For me he is not the worst ever, i keep this honor for Seedorf, but the second worst ever.

tonideportivoBG 28-12-2019 23:43

Luis Cesar is a smart coach as he knew he will last until winter but still accepted the job, who on his position wouldn't?
Anyway blame not only to him but also to our "superstars" players that did nothing.

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