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walex 05-10-2020 22:40

Osede it's good to cover segunda B....Good luck

american123 06-10-2020 01:27

In the end, Rolan doesn't leave for the 2M and ends up registered with the first team and shirt #22. I'm very interest to see if he reports for training this week. He was signed for First Division and will make his Depor debut in 2B.

caabrego 06-10-2020 01:51

The full squad:

1 Carlos Abad
2 Valin
3 Mujaid
4 Alex Bergantiños
5 Bóveda
6 Uche
7 Miku
8 Borges
9 Rui Costa
10 Lara
11 Borja Galán
12 Claudio Beauvue
13 Lucho
14 Gandoy
16 Nacho
17 Héctor
18 Derik
19 Borja Granero
20 Keko
21 Salva Ruiz
22 Rolan

caabrego 06-10-2020 01:52

Rolan staying is surpising and bad, bad because he hasn't trained and the tournament starts in 10 days.

ggeorg 06-10-2020 08:14

Rolan must be on of the weirdest cases in football, and i've never understood this situation.

He was a top player at Bordeaux and Ligue 1 at a great age. His step up (obviously not) was to come to a Depor that has been suffering, to never play, to be wondering around without much playing time as well to end getting subscribed in segunda b.

He's supposedly 27yr old :eek:

Marci 14 06-10-2020 08:15

I think Rolan will push to rescind his contract. He didn't want to stay with Depor at Segunda, now why he do it at Segunda B? I'm sure he (over)rates himself more than this.
On the other side I doubt how can we afford his salary.

Ricardo 06-10-2020 09:25

I think he will either go out on loan or be sold to a club who's transfer window is still open. I can't see Rolan roughing it in Segunda B.

Plus his salary is the equivalent of 3-4 Segunda B players.

Mr Pink 06-10-2020 12:42

Have to agree with all of the above comments on Rolan.

No chance he stays with us. Apart from the fact, he thinks he's as good as Diego Forlan and is way above Segunda B level, his wages surely haven't been accounted for in this year's budget.

However, the club will very reluctant to rescind as they know he has some market value (he's a player we paid £5.4 million for from Bordeaux 2 years ago).

He will have to go out to Asia or the U.S which, (correct me if I'm wrong), are still open for business.

caabrego 07-10-2020 17:50

Barral said yesterday that Adri Castro will be alternating between Fabril and the first team.

Ricardo 22-12-2020 16:27

Reports saying that we've had an offer come in for Uche, from one of the top flight European league teams.

haden07 23-12-2020 01:26

Yea, more details from the REDDIT channel.

This Wednesday, Radio Galega stated that Deportivo had a firm offer on the table for Uche Agbo . A club from one of the major European leagues was interested in the Nigerian midfielder, but the situation could turn around in the next few hours.

ElDesmarque has learned, the intention of Uche Agbo is to stay in A Coruña and move up with Dépor. This summer he opted for the project proposed by the club and to finish what he started last year. That is, return the club as soon as possible to the place where it deserves, as he admitted in an interview with ElDesmarque (you can the Spanish Video of the interview HERE ).

Uche commented in said interview, his goal is to become the " new Mauro Silva " for the Deportivo fans. With this objective, he signed a contract until 2024 this summer.

Agbo found out about the offer when he was preparing to travel to Nigeria to visit his father. He is excited that there are clubs that have noticed him, but he wants to continue in A Coruña.

Likewise, he is aware that this decision does not depend solely and exclusively on him. Given the delicate economic situation that Dépor is going through at the moment, the club could welcome the transfer of the player if the offer is considerable .

In that sense, they are aware that his departure could harm the club in a sporting sense, since Uche is a fundamental piece for Fernando Vázquez, but in this situation, economics could prevail over sports.

Marci 14 11-01-2021 17:46

Time for chasing a new head coach. I've seen the names of Rubén de la Barrera and Aritz López Garai so far.
We need someone with experince with a promotion contender team at Segunda B. So, de la Barrera might be a good option. He is also galician (born in A Coruña), and wow, this man has style.
While Garai has both player and managerial experience, mainly at Segunda.

abdul001 25-01-2021 22:43

we need to be active in the market

american123 01-02-2021 15:34

A lot of wasted signings in the summer and overpaying for older players that we are now getting rid of. I do like that Abanca has stepped in to prevent the signing of Luis Fernandez for 200k. There is no reason that we cannot find good, young players that want to play for Depor that will cost 10% of what we are paying some of these veterans with experience. With Rolan and Costa leaving I am hoping for Nacho and Miku to be next and keep it in-house. Call up Adri full time and call up Rayco or Javi Sanchez to replace those 2. Unless we can get a U23 player who is willing to run up and down, I do not want them.

abdul001 01-02-2021 15:52

we need a goal scorer

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