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caabrego 27-05-2016 16:44

Player topic: Emre Çolak (midfielder, born in 1991)

Full name Emre Çolak
Date of birth 20 May 1991 (age 25)
Place of birth İstanbul, Turkey
Height 1.69 m (5 ft 7 in)
Playing position Attacking midfielder / Winger

caabrego 27-05-2016 16:46

It seems this is the first signing of the season 2016/17

caabrego 27-05-2016 17:30

It's official now. This was fast :D

bake-deportivo-B&H 27-05-2016 17:33

I think i read negative comments about his play. Has anyone watched him lately, how does he play? What can we expect from him? I think he is playmaker, so now Fajr can officially become winger :D

hari 27-05-2016 17:38

welcome Emre.. he played only about half of the games in Superliga last season.. was he injured?
by the way we can expect a flurry of Turks in our forum within the next couple of days.. :D

Deporlover 27-05-2016 17:50

Soooooooo happy to have him

hari 27-05-2016 17:53

have you seen him play? how good is he?

walex 27-05-2016 18:36

Its a fine player gala do alot to hold him but he just want to play in another league and he chose depor I like your wish and I pray to lead you to success...just hope is not a replacement for Lucas but he can also play wings 2

Marci 14 27-05-2016 18:40

He was a great player in Fifa :D

hari 27-05-2016 18:52

I guess it is more like a replacement for L.Alberto/Cartabia..

Filip 27-05-2016 19:19

looking at his goal scoring record, if he would replace Lucas, we're going straight to third division in 1 season :D

walex 27-05-2016 20:32

Here is some comments about his playing styles good or bad


ggeorg 27-05-2016 22:23

Finally a Turk :):)


depooor 28-05-2016 01:14

now we are officially El Turkos

I was going to the see the cup game but missed it, from the comments of some fans, he llooks promising

Riazor warriors 29-05-2016 23:09

Very happy to have a Turkish player finally, he will be amazed with the Turkish flags in Riazor. My friend he is a Galatasaray season ticket holder, he told he is a very good player but he have his ups and downs and the club wanted him to stay but he is looking to play in a bigger league. Maybe we are talking about another Farina here, lets wait & see. For now welcome to Depoooooor

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